Frequently Asked Questions & Testimonials

FAQ: Q:    How long can I expect a resurfaced area to last? A:     With proper care and maintenance, an average life span of a resurfaced area would be 10-        12 years, in many cases longer. Q:    How do you properly care for a resurfaced area? A:     Never clean with any gritty cleaner (Ajax, Soft Scrub, Comet, Etc.) any house hold cleaner          would be fine. Do not use any abrasive pads or scratch pads. Wet sponge or hand towels are          perfect. Bath mats in a refinished (or original) tub will cause a chemical reaction over time          eating through the finish. Do not bathe pets in a refinished tub or shower. Claws can put          scratches in the finish Q:    How long does a typical job take? A:     Most jobs will be able to be completed in just one day. If there are multiple surfaces to be          refinished, the job could extend to a second day.  Floors could take up to two day, depending on          the size and type of finish desire
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