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Frequently Asked Questions & Testimonials


Q:    How long can I expect a resurfaced area to last?

A:     With proper care and maintenance, an average life span of a resurfaced area would be 10-        12 years, in many cases longer.

Q:    How do you properly care for a resurfaced area?

A:     Never clean with any gritty cleaner (Ajax, Soft Scrub, Comet, Etc.) any house hold cleaner
         would be fine. Do not use any abrasive pads or scratch pads. Wet sponge or hand towels are
         perfect. Bath mats in a refinished (or original) tub will cause a chemical reaction over time
         eating through the finish. Do not bathe pets in a refinished tub or shower. Claws can put
         scratches in the finish

Q:    How long does a typical job take?

A:     Most jobs will be able to be completed in just one day. If there are multiple surfaces to be
         refinished, the job could extend to a second day.  Floors could take up to two day, depending on
         the size and type of finish desired

Q:    How long does the surface need to dry after done?

A:     36hrs for light use on a Kitchen countertop or vanity top. 48 hours for tubs/shower and floors
         and 48 hours for normal use on countertops as well.

Q:    Does the lower cost mean I'm sacrificing quality?

A:     NO!  Our materials are highly industrial and are not available to the public.  In most cases you
         will be receiving a higher quality finished product! We back this up with our 5yr warranty!
         How many places that sell or install countertops offer anything close to that?

Q:     Does the products have a strong odor. Will I need to be out of the house when the work is being completed?

A:     Because of the industrial properties of the materials, there is an odor. Our technicians wear
         respirators while spraying all finishes.  Every step is taken to ventilate the vapors out of the
         house, through open windows, doors, fans, etc. Most people are home while the work is going
         on, in another room. In very rare cases, for those very sensitive to smells an overnight
         arrangement outside the home has been made. The smell dissipates very quickly once spraying
         is completed.

Q:    If something is damaged in a tub or on a countertop or on any surface, can it still be resurfaced?

A:     YES! if the damage is just cosmetic, meaning it is not a result of a structural issue, those can be
         repaired and resurfaced and no one would ever know it had been fixed!
         NO, if the damage is structural. Meaning, if something underneath or behind a tub has caused
         the cracking or buckling due to lack of proper support, those problems need to be addressed in a
         different way before resurfacing can take place.

Q:    What is the furthest distance we go to contract work?

A:     Anything outside knox county, there is a $35 trip fee. Anything outside of an hour radius of
         Knoxville TN, the price is subject to the distance of customer needing work completed.

Q:    What type surfaces does your material cover?

A:     Wood, fiberglass, metal, laminate, ceramic, porcelain, cast iron and more!

Q:    What is the material made of that is used in this process? 

A:     Epoxy, tinted to color of choice and a Gel coat product for all top coats.
         Epoxy is an industrial adhesive, it will grab hold of any surface and give a strong base to apply
         any type finish on top.  Gel coat is just as industrial!  It is used on automobiles, boats, aircraft
         as their top coats for weather, water and dirt protection.


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"I could not be more thrilled with the resurfacing that Jesse (Resurfacing Solutions) did for us. Our house was built in 1986 and was still in its original state with country blue countertops. We looked into total countertop replacement in the kitchen and it was going to be OVER TWICE AS MUCH as resurfacing. Jesse (Resurfacing Solutions) came in and added a bar top to the kitchen island and resurfaced the entire custom kitchen and 2 bathroom sinks…… again….. for less half the total redo. Jesse’s (Resurfacing Solution’s) professionalism and work ethic are top-notch. He made sure everything was done as if it was for his own house. The look of our kitchen and bathrooms are totally transformed now….. everyone that has seen it loves it. Its beautiful, durable and just amazing. I’m thrilled with the loos of my new kitchen. We will defiantly call Jesse (Resurfacing Solutions) when we need anymore work completed." 
Nikki W. – Knoxville – 11/2014

“I had Jesse (Resurfacing Solutions) to resurface my station at my beauty salon and it made it look brand new, I love it, He done such a great job. I highly recommend Jesse and Resurfacing Solutions”
Rick P. – Knoxville – 10/2014

“Resurfacing Solutions (Jesse) came to resurface our countertops just before the holidays. He was very efficient, clean and professional in his work, he made sure the smallest details were in order. WOW! What a transformation to our Kitchen.”
Stan J. – Ringgold GA – 11/2014

“Eastowne Village Apartments staff would most definitely recommend Resurfacing Solutions (Jesse Wood) work with kitchen and bathroom resurfacing. Resurfacing Solutions is very passionate when it comes to their work. They pay fine attention to detail and the work looks fantastic when finished. We appreciate their professionalism regarding their presentation and follow up. We will definitely use their superb services in the future and recommend that any organization take advantage of their excellent deals with resurfacing.”
Anthony Starritt – Property Manager Eastowne Village Apts. – 10/2014
Brown-Brown and West Property Managament Co.

​We love the outcome of our master bathroom sinks and countertop after having it resurfaced by Resurfacing Solutions. It not only updated the look of our sinks but the whole bathroom. The process was quick, clean and saved us a lot of money.
Gerald and Rebekah L.- Knoxville – 10/2014

Resurfacing Solutions resurfaced our bathroom vanities to look new. After 15 years, they seem like new tops. I was very impressed with the finished product and how quickly they were completed. I would highly recommend Resurfacing Solutions for updates to your home!
Kristi M. – Knoxville – 10/2014

Just wanted to thank you for the great job you did on my bathtub. I was very skeptical at first knowing that the tub was 62 years old. I thought I was going to have to replace it. It was full of nicks, the finish was worn down to knowthing and I spent 1/2 day trying to clean it. After you finished resurfacing it, I could not believe how good it looks, it looks brand new. The previous owner stopped by to see what I did to the house and asked me if I bought a brand new tub.Thanks again for a great job.
Hank S. – Knoxville – 12/14

Thank you so much for the incredible job you did on my bathroom. The change is amazing! I’m so thankful I saw your website and called you. It was such a pleasure doing business with you. I have recommended you to all of my friends and co-workers!
Bill and Carolyn K. – Powell – 11/14

Thanks again for fixing our tub! We are super thankful to have them both now in good working order and crack free! I am very glad to refer you to homeowners and business owners alike. We are absolutely thrilled with the job you did!!
George T. – Powell – 12/14 

“A brand new tub would have set us back hundreds if not a couple thousand dollars due the excessive construction needed to remove the ancient cast iron tub that is in my house. Jesse was able to refinish our 45 year old tub and make it look as good as new for a fraction of the cost. Would highly recommend him and his company to anyone looking at remodeling a bath or kitchen.”
Brad and Brittney M – Knoxville – 11/14 

Jesse is one of the most professional contractors I have ever worked with. I had 2 bathroom sinks, fireplace tile, and jetted tub tile resurfaced. They look great and the cost was less than half of what it would have cost to replace them. He also built a new mantle which also looks terrific.
Bonnie Pierre – Seymour TN – 11/14 

We were very impressed with the difference the counter tops made in the look of our whole house. Literally you could see a change when u walked in the door before you ever reached the kitchen! We will absolutely use Resurfacing Solutions again to cover our bath tubs and tile in the near future. It was professionally installed and we have been very pleased with the results!
Jay S. – Powell TN – 12/23

My friend Shae Seeber, one of Knoxville’s premier interior designers, recommended that I contact Jesse of Resurfacing Solutions as a more cost effective way of remodeling our master bathroom. We live in a house built in the 1950′s and while the tile, tub and floor were all initially very high quality, over time the tub had stains that we just couldn’t get out, and the peachy-pink tile on the walls and the yellowish tile floor was just too much to handle. We wanted a classic bathroom that would stand the test of time and be an oasis for me. Jesse arrived on time for our first consultation and was very thorough in his measurements and explanations of everything from his process to cost. He communicated efficiently and always got right back with me regarding questions or concerns. Jesse did an amazing transformation for us! Now my master bath IS my oasis! Gone is the awful peach tile and now we have a classic white tile and a sparking cast iron tub. The floor is a stone-look that is amazing. Jesse was extremely professional and easy to work with. I highly recommend him to anyone considering a kitchen or bathroom remodel project!
Noelle S – West Knox – 03/2015

Amazing job by Jesse! Could not be more pleased with the finished project and Jesse is awesome to work with! Thank you!!
Angela J - West Knox - 05/15